Get to know Alex Brandel


Alex Brandel

Marketing Operations Coordinator

Alex is a dynamic and dedicated Marketing Operations Coordinator known for her ability to seamlessly manage the marketing department- and ensuring smooth and efficient operations within the firm. Her academic background includes a Bachelor’s of Science in Business with a minor in Music from Full Sail University, and she also holds her accident and health insurance licenses. Alex’s dream for retirement is to open a record label and make music for others to enjoy, and hopes her kiddos want to join in the fun.

As a mother of three—Jude, Wade, and Sylvie—Alex thrives on balancing her career and a busy young family, showcasing her multitasking and organizational skills. Her unique blend of expertise, passion, and dedication makes her an invaluable asset to the team, driving the firm’s success and innovation.

Alex’s passion for Marvel movies goes beyond mere entertainment—it’s a source of inspiration and joy that she shares with her family, sparking lively discussions and imaginative play. Recently, she has developed a newfound love for traveling. She especially enjoys exploring new cultures and trying different cuisines, always bringing back cherished memories and stories to share. Crafting serves as her creative escape, allowing her to unwind and express herself through handmade projects that decorate homes and become treasured gifts for loved ones.