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Learn about our unique McIntosh Process

As part of our commitment to helping you solve your needs, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of insurance products and solutions designed to help you protect both you and your family.

 Step 1 – Discovery

We get to know you and your health plan goals.

Step 2 – Analysis

We’ll help you examine in-network doctors, prescription drugs, anticipated plan usage and your financial situation.

Step 3 – Solution

We’ll present plans and prices based on our findings.

Step 4 – Implementation

We’ll help you navigate the finalization process and plan maintenance through the year.


After your plan is implemented, we don't stop there. We’ll continue to monitor and meet with you annually to ensure your strategy matches any changes in your household. We look forward to serving you and your insurance needs through the following services.



Medicare Supplement, Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans
Individual and Small Group Health Plans
Ancillary and Supplemental Plans
Income Protection Plans

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