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I know I mentioned on the phone how impressed I've been over the years with the staff and customer service at McIntosh & Associates, but I wanted to send a written note in case it's helpful in letting others know what a wonderful job you do. Like everyone, I work daily with people who offer products and services, and I pay close attention to how customers are treated. Customer service is at least as important to me as the quality of the product, and the service I've received at McInstosh and Associates is among the best I've ever received anywhere, for anything. Your staff is friendly, knowledgeable, incredibly helpful in handling applications, and has been persistent when necessary in helping make sure that paperwork deadlines are met. I only wish that I could find one organization with that type of service in every industry. A few months ago I referred a friend to you who was going through some career changes and required some help navigating the insurance consequences. I went on a bit about how much I enjoyed working with you, and she literally said "It's insurance. How great could it be?". She has not stopped talking about you since, for all the reasons I mentioned above. Thank you for everything you do, and I wish you continued success.


Just want to say what a great time we had! Your professionalism and care for clients is what makes you outshine your competition. It is a absolute joy to be a client of yours because you make everyone feel like family. It is a great privilege to be your client, Thank you again to you and your staff.

Jody and Cyndi J.