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Losing a spouse is never easy and a difficult topic for many to even imagine. But when you become a widow or widower, moving beyond the grief to address important financial items in your life is essential. Whether you recently lost your loved one or you need to prepare for the road ahead, here are […]

Life insurance and annuities can bring protection and retirement income that help people meet their financial needs and goals. When you buy these items, you get the opportunity to name beneficiaries who will receive distributions after you pass away. This article provides insight into why you name beneficiaries and how that helps protect you and […]

August is national Make-a-Will Month. While it’s not most people’s favorite topic, it’s an important document to consider. A survey by Caring.com finds more than half of adults don’t have a will. Mindy talks with WSMH FOX66 Profitt Report about making sure your assets are protected. One option, McIntosh explained, is a will. You use […]