What is Social Security? In the simplest terms, Social Security is a government-sponsored retirement benefit designed to replace some of your income while you are retired. Join hostess Stacy Murphy, Associate Insurance Professional at McIntosh & Associates, for an educational presentation about Social Security in the 2019 year. In this educational workshop the following topics will be discussed:

  • Social Security 101
  • Maximizing Social Security Benefits
  • Understanding Social Security Benefits
  • The New Social Security Landscapes
  • Social Security Mistakes
  • How to Include Social Security in Your Financial Plan

February 11 – 3:00 PM

McIntosh Learning Center
122 S. Main St. Suite 2
Freeland, Michigan

Seating is limited. Call our office at 989-692-2200 today to reserve your spot!

This is an insurance sales presentation. By attending this event, you may be solicited by an insurance agent regarding the sale of life insurance and/or annuity products at a later date.