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31Jan 2017

Tax season is swiftly upon us! The IRS estimates that 20 percent of taxpayers who are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) fail to claim it, which could mean the difference between getting ahead or staying in the red in 2017. The added complication to this common oversight is that new tax law […]

20Jan 2017

If you’re planning on getting a tax refund this year you’re probably trying to figure out what to do with it. Well there is an easy answer – Gift Yourself! Financial professional Mindy McIntosh talks with WJRT about how you can spend your tax refund on yourself this year in a new way! Gift Yourself […]

04Jan 2017

  2017 Financial Resolutions  Make 2017 fulfilling and fruitful for you and your loved ones. For more than 4,000 years, many people have celebrated the start of their new year by making promises to change their behavior or improve themselves. While New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep, they may also make you more […]

30Dec 2016

Is your New Year’s resolution to be better with your money? You’re not alone. Financial resolutions are among the most popular. But sticking to those new financial goals can be tough. For so many of us, our resolutions about budgeting, spending and saving turn into epic fails year after year. Mindy McIntosh talks with FOX66 […]

27Dec 2016

We’re in the midst of the holidays, travels, family gatherings, and more. And though life is busy, any free moments you can spare for a little tax planning will help you stay ahead in 2017. We’re happy to share with you highlights of tax planning tips. That way, you can create strategies today to help you minimize your […]

27Dec 2016

Make 2017 fulfilling and fruitful for you and your loved ones. For more than 4,000 years, many people have celebrated the start of their new year by making promises to change their behavior or improve themselves. So, no matter what you hope to accomplish next year and beyond, here are financial resolutions to help make 2017 healthy, happy, and successful. […]

27Dec 2016

The holidays are in the rear-view mirror, but the credit card bills are front and center. All the fun and festivities can really add up! Many households will be paying off their debt through the winter and even into spring. Mindy McIntosh talks with WSMH FOX66 Profitt Report about tips on how to pay off […]

19Dec 2016

The holiday season should be filled with family, friends, food and eggnog… NOT debt and despair. Bank accounts and credit card bills can cause a lot of stress and anxiety this time of year. Financial professional Mindy McIntosh talked with FOX 66 Profitt Report about ways we can save both time and money this holiday […]

11Dec 2016

Mindy McIntosh joins WSMH Profitt Report talking about a new analysis that says childcare is pricier than college on average in the U.S.

02Dec 2016

What does Trump mean for our wallets? As the dust settles on the historic election of Donald Trump, many are wondering what will happen over the next four years. There’s a really good chance the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will look completely different before the end of Trump’s term. He wants to expand health savings […]

17Nov 2016

Charitable giving is at an all-time high! Americans gave $373 billion dollars to charities last year. If you think your donation is too small to make a difference, think again! The largest amount of money comes from people like you. Mindy McIntosh talks with WJRT about 5 ways you can give back on a budget: […]

11Nov 2016

Open enrollment for choosing health insurance under the Affordable Care Act begins on November 1st. You can enroll in coverage, re-enroll or change your plan through the marketplace. You need to be signed up by December 15th in order to get coverage for January 1, 2017. Mindy McIntosh talks with WJRT ABC-12 about what you […]