Life Insurance

Life Insurance rates have decreased over the last 10 years with people living longer. Let’s review whether a term, whole life, universal life or final expense product is best for you. With many options and carriers available we can custom design a solution for you. Not sure how much you might need? Let us help you complete a life insurance needs analysis.

book1McIntosh & Associates recommends periodic review of your policies as life circumstances are continually changing. We would be happy to provide you with a no cost, no obligation review. Please let us know if we can help.

Patrick Kelly’s book “Tax-Free Retirement” is a great way to plan for tax-free growth!

Questions you should think about:

Do I have the right kind and amount of insurance for my current and future needs?

Is my policy still competitive? Am I paying for options I don’t need?

Is the death benefit enough for my family’s needs?

Is the insurance company well-regarded and have a track record of handling claims fairly?

Is my policy still in force? Are the beneficiaries current? Are there tax consequences for the beneficiaries?

Do you need protection to and through retirement?
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