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Learning Center

At McIntosh & Associates we are dedicated to offering opportunities to both prospective clients and current clients for informational meetings that cover a variety of topics.

We often partner with members of our community to utilize their expertise on subjects that are crucial to helping you stay informed. Topics include: attorneys speaking about how to access benefits for loved ones that need care at home, assisted living, or nursing homes, the differences between wills, revocable & irrevocable trusts, why you should have a trust for your IRA, and how to avoid probate.

Please join us in the warm and cozy atmosphere of our Learning Center!

L.I.F.E: Life Insurance as a Financial Engine

Our step by step L.I.F.E program offers ideas on how to incorporate FIUL as the cornerstone of a financial strategy.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • How long will your retirement assets last?
  • Help make your idle assets go further
  • Impact of dying too soon
  • Help fill in the gaps in your retirement strategy
  • Flexibility and control with FIUL
Protection To and Through Retirement

FUIL can help bridge the gap between your retirement savings and retirement income goals.

Life insurance offers financial protection to and through retirement. It begins by providing an income-tax-free death benefit, which offers the reassurance that if something happened to you, your family would have financial support.

June 20th 11:00 AM

McIntosh Learning Center
122 S. Main St. Suite 2
Freeland, Michigan

Seating is limited. Call our office at 989-692-2200 today to reserve your spot!

This is an insurance sales presentation. By attending this event, you may be solicited by an insurance agent regarding the sale of life insurance and/or annuity products at a later date.