Fun activities in the summer can turn into wonderful teaching tools and they keep everyone in the family active!

Create a scrub-a-dub toy wash. Trying to do your own spring cleaning? Get the kids involved with a toy wash. Bring out all the bikes, trikes, trucks and more and run them through the hose, sprinkler or kiddie pool with some mild soap. End the wash with a Super Soaker fight.

Start your own MasterChef Junior competition. First, have kids find fun recipes online and make a grocery list. Then head to the grocery store together and be “food label detectives,” checking out packaged foods to see how many ingredients are lurking. Finally head home, fire up the oven and let the cooking and competing begin.

Organize an art show. Break out the paints and brushes, clay, chalk, glue, scissors, macaroni, rocks and scraps of material and give kids an hour or two to create their own mini-masterpiece. When everyone is done, have them sign their work and hang it in a designated area of your home, just like a museum or gallery.

Host a camp out. If weather permits, take the fun outside; if not, your living room can provide the perfect campsite for your kids and their friends. Pitch a tent (or make a fort with blankets and pillows) and roll out the sleeping bags. Have a camping dinner like roasted hot dogs, and don’t forget the s’mores. Take turns telling stories by flashlight or the fireplace.

Start a savings challenge. It’s never too early to reinforce the idea that kids should save some of their money. Wash out pickle jars or other containers and help them create homemade personalized banks, then brainstorm ways they can earn small change — say by doing little chores. Set goals for how much they should try to save in their banks by end of summer.

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