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We Can Help You Solve the Medicare Puzzle

If you are Medicare-eligible you’ve more than likely done a little research and want to tear your hair out or throw your computer against the wall in frustration. We’re here to help!  We can help you decide whether it makes sense to look at other options or remain in your current plan – and how they fit into your budget.

Some topics we will discuss:
•Automatically enrolling in Original Medicare
•Manually enrolling in Original Medicare
•Supplemental insurance or “Gap” coverage
•Stand-alone prescription drug plans
•Enrolling in Medicare periods & late penalties
What makes age 70 1/2 so significant?

Everyone’s situation is different. It’s not too late for retirees in their 60s when withdrawals are penalty free, RMDs haven’t yet kicked in and disbursements are likely to be taxed at a lower rate because the recipient is no longer working. Join us to learn more!

•How to calculate your required amount and its tax liability
•If your benficiaries are set up for maximum tax efficiency
•Strategies retirees should consider when they DO NOT NEED their RMDs
•If your asset allocation and withdrawal strategies are appropriate for RMDs
•When you have to take your RMDs, and if there are any exceptions
•How they can impact your Social Security