On one side, people in the sandwich generation provide some type of care to aging parents. It may include financial, emotional, or health-care help.[I] On the other side, sandwich generation members are taking care of young children or boomerang kids. Boomerang kids are adults who have left home and later returned for financial reasons. Members of […]

Personal loans are loans that can be used for just about anything and could potentially be an effective tool in certain circumstances. Using personal loans for positive uses can help pay off many different kinds of debt. Watch the video for tips on different ways to positively use a personal loan, how they compare to […]

The creative team for real estate developers came up with the term “the golden years” in 1959 as part of a pitch to sell homes in the nation’s first large-scale retirement community. Developers of the $2 million golf resort in the middle of an Arizona desert were hoping to sell the idea of “an active […]

They were the largest generation in American history. Their impact on American society still reverberates today. They were the forerunners of a cultural revolution that helped transform the nation and Western civilization. They are baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964. The largest and most devastating global war in world history ended in August 1945, […]

Do you need a strategy for your retirement health care premiums? People today are living longer, heathier lives then previously recorded. Join hostess Mindy McIntosh, Insurance Professional and Founder & President at McIntosh & Associates, for an educational presentation about how health care premium costs can have a dramatic effect on retirement portfolios. In theory, […]

Many retirement planners find that utilizing annuities may be a good way to generate guaranteed income. Annuities allow you to set retirement distributions based on their type and how much you contributed. Like all investment and insurance products, annuities are subject to fees and expenses. Generally, you will have to pay fees on distributions. Using […]

How do you talk to your adult children about your financial plans and future health-care needs? Both you and your children may view this type of discussion as uncomfortable, awkward, or even confusing. It can be difficult, but putting it off only makes matters more complicated later. Having these types of financial and end-of-life discussions, […]

Before you retired, you may have spent time developing strategies to help you reach your retirement goals. You might have invested for the income you would need, minimized your debt, or protected yourself with long-term-care insurance. By focusing on your financial goals and envisioning the lifestyle you wanted for that next stage in life, you […]

Preparing for the future is one of the most important aspects of financial strategizing, and a lack of involvement often leaves women, in particular, potentially exposed to financial hardships later in life. Don’t expect a spouse, partner, or other family member to help ensure financial security. Women investors face several challenges to helping build wealth […]

Paying for health care in retirement is not an easy task. Despite rising costs and increasingly complex coverage requirements, you can take steps today to help ensure you’re not struggling tomorrow. As you explore your own retirement planning and health-care expenses, here are some facts to keep in mind: Fact 1: We Are Living Longer […]

Beneficiary designations are a powerful tool for estate planning. Adding beneficiaries to your accounts gives you the opportunity to directly distribute assets after your death and helps your family avoid the expense and stress of probate.  Here are a couple of reasons why checking your beneficiary designations regularly is so important: A beneficiary designation always […]

The Internal Revenue Service has made inflation adjustments for 2018 to accommodate changes in the tax code for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The changes will apply to 2018 returns filed in 2019. The top items for 2018 returns include: The standard deduction for married couples filing jointly increases to $24,000. The deduction for […]

Maintain Your Standard of Living in Retirement Saving for retirement to sustain your standard of living is a continual effort to prevent your quality of life from declining in later years. Unfortunately, for many retirees, this goal can be difficult to achieve. Even with planning, 52% of working-age households may not be able to sustain […]

You and more than half the world love to use social media. The Internal Revenue Service is no different. The IRS uses YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. YouTube: The agency publishes short information videos on tax topics. Twitter: The agency tweets tax announcements, news releases for tax professionals, and hiring notices. Facebook: The agency’s pages […]

Divorcing later in life is becoming more commonplace among people 50 and over. Divorce among older couples has more than doubled since the 1990s. In 2015, 10 of 1,000 married people filed for divorce. Five of 1,000 married filed for divorce in 1990. The divorce rate for people 65 and older has tripled since 1990.[i] […]