Discover how life insurance can help! Do you need life insurance protection? Is the economy changing your mindset? Are you looking to limit your risk from your portfolio? Life insurance helps answer two common questions: What are you doing to answer the “What if” and What are you doing to answer the “When I”. […]

  We Can Help You Solve the Medicare Puzzle If you are Medicare-eligible you’ve more than likely done a little research and want to tear your hair out or throw your computer against the wall in frustration. We’re here to help! Join hostess Mindy McIntosh in navigating through what to do before turning 65. For […]

Financially smart, Financially strong We invite you to join us at our presentation, Women & Power, to discover specific details women need to consider — and uncover ways to help maximize your financial life. You will also receive our Women and power guidebook as a helpful reference tool. Attend this workshop to: Learn why you […]