2017 Tax Planning | McIntosh & Associates, Inc.

We’re in the midst of the holidays, travels, family gatherings, and more. And though life is busy, any free moments you can spare for a little tax planning will help you stay ahead in 2017. We’re happy to share with you highlights of tax planning tips. That way, you can create strategies today to help you minimize your risks and maximize your opportunities. The simple word “taxes” can make people squirm as they think about all the details they need to address. But with some forward-looking planning, managing your taxes doesn’t have to be difficult.

Our tax guide offers you tips you can do today to address your tax planning needs. Before you act on any strategies in this report, we encourage you to consult with your tax professional about options that are right for you. If you don’t currently have a CPA, we are happy to introduce you to CPAs we work with.

Click here or the image below to download our PDF file on Tax Planning.